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Whether it be retirement, business reorganisation or simply surplus stock, the on-site auction remains an effective way of disposing of farm machinery quickly and efficiently whilst providing complete transparency. Selling items individually, by way of either private or direct-to-trade sales, can be a time-consuming process. However, a machinery auction can be a much quicker and simpler method. Larger, more valuable items create exposure and interest, which then benefit the sale of smaller lots which are often more challenging and take longer to dispose of. Buyers will frequently attend an auction with the intention of buying a particular item but discover on the day other items also of value to them. The auction will take place at a designated time and generally attracts a high volume of private and trade buyers.

When it comes to selling agricultural equipment, we recommend the auction is advertised on both a local and national scale, ensuring your equipment has the widest possible coverage to the market and the best price is achieved on the day. Our team has significant experience in arranging sales and selling machinery at auction and in recent years we have sold millions of pounds worth of machinery and equipment nationally. We have the benefit of portable offices, specialist on-site computer systems and dedicated professional staff, on hand to deal with any queries or issues. Our connections and expertise give us exceptional knowledge to value farm machinery.

If you are considering business reorganisation or retirement, with a requirement for the disposal or valuation of farm machinery, plant and equipment, please contact Sam Skinner or Jack Healy, who will be delighted to advise on your options.

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