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Machinery and farm equipment auctions specialist with the expertise to attract interest and achieve the best outcome

Forthcoming Machinery Auctions


Whether it is retirement, business reorganisation or simply surplus stock, the on-site auction remains an effective way of disposing of farm machinery quickly and efficiently while providing complete transparency. Selling items individually, by way of private or direct to trade sales, can be a time-consuming process and a machinery auction can be a much quicker and simpler method. Larger, more valuable items create exposure and interest which benefit the sale of smaller lots which are often more challenging and take longer to dispose of.

Our auction team has significant experience in arranging sales and selling machinery at auction and in recent years we have sold millions of pounds worth of machinery and equipment nationally. We can offer you:

  • Unrivalled farm machinery/equipment knowledge and dedicated professional staff
  • The certainty of the total sale proceeds, raised at the fall of the hammer, with our cloud based real time accounting system
  • A substantial database of registered UK and international buyers
  • The expertise of industry acknowledged auctioneers
  • A bespoke marketing campaign to target the right audience, all delivered through our national presence

Our aim is to exceed our clients’ expectations in the preparation, conduct and follow up of their farm machinery auction. If you are considering business reorganisation or a change in farming policy which requires the disposal or valuation of farm machinery, plant and equipment, please contact the team, who can advise on your options.

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