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If you are a land or property owner who:

  • Has been approached by a developer or energy company
  • Is considering whether you should diversify your farm, estate or business
  • Is thinking about reducing your energy costs
  • Is planning how to offset your emissions to achieve your Net Zero ambitions
  • Would welcome counsel from experienced sustainability strategists

then talk to us.

Our sustainable strategists and team of sustainable renewable energy specialists focus on helping those facilitating the green energy project or looking to improve their sustainability.

We know that clean energy generation offers our clients significant revenue and cost-saving opportunities, enhances their environmental credentials and makes a difference in their communities, society, and the world.

We are sensitive to the fact that there are many choices, complex business terms and that the long-term implications of a 'deal' can be difficult to discern at the feasibility stage. This is where we can help.

We advise and support farmers, landowners, businesses and financiers on their green strategy by:

  • Undertaking a feasibility audit as well as a cost/benefit analysis to develop a coherent strategy and ascertain if a green diversification programme is appropriate
  • Identifying the most suitable renewable energy generation system
  • Researching and shortlisting the most appropriate development and utilities partners for clients to meet and select
  • Reviewing the commercial proposal (whether from a developer or power company) to evaluate both the terms of business and the efficacy to safeguard the clients’ assets immediate and future revenue-generating capacity
  • Ensuring that the terms of the agreement are legally compliant – eg with the Landlord & Tenant Act (1954)
  • Undertaking all lease extension and project repowering negotiations, where appropriate
  • Considering all pertinent issues, such as the cost and impact (financial and physical – on the land) of decommissioning the technology or site at life-end

To find out how we can help your organisation meet your green energy and sustainability goals, please call Darren Edwards today, or complete our enquiry form, and we will get back to you.

Our Green Energy & Sustainability experts work seamlessly as part of an integrated team, including agency, planning, development & build, valuation, lease advisory and project management specialists - one team, one plan, and one goal.

For more information on our dedicated Delivering Net Zero service, click here.

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Darren Edwards

Head of Sustainable Energy

Tom Beeley

Senior Associate

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