Strategic asset management

Maximising the value of assets and estates

Every asset business plan and strategy we develop for clients is designed to:

  • Meet their medium to long-term strategic and financial objectives
  • Focus on building long-term value
  • Manage short-term costs.

To achieve this, we draw on our firm’s unique combination of multidisciplinary skills, experience and value based asset management thinking.

In addition, we work seamlessly with clients to plan, agree and implement asset business plans tailored to meet their specific brief. Our strategy development process comprises:

  • Understanding and interpreting legislative and regulatory developments which will/might impact their investment – including 2050 net zero legislation
  • Anticipating the challenges and tax implications of generational ownership - developing robust strategies designed to drive long term value from what lies above and below the land
  • Responding to changes in occupational practices - consider the impact hybrid working has had on occupancy requirements and space planning
  • Anticipating operational expenditure - usually guided by planned preventative maintenance programmes
  • Developing repositioning strategies for assets, the estate or portfolios - to minimise risks associated with value and revenue generation, as well as stranded assets
  • Regularly interrogating, evolving and refining asset business plans – in response to changing market dynamics, as well as new legislative and regulatory developments

Our guiding principles, when developing a single Asset or Portfolio Business Plan include:

Start by understanding the client’s perspective and their:

  • Vision and ambitions for their asset or portfolio
  • Strategic, investment, financial and operational objectives

Undertake a comprehensive asset audit and detailed SWOT analysis to:

  • Determine how compliant the assets are/will be with existing and forthcoming legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Identify and analyse lease and occupancy data
  • Address the assets’ operational efficiency
  • Make informed recommendations and develop detailed and costed Asset Business Plans

The Plans are regularly reviewed and updated which enables clients to optimise the value of their assets. We assess:

  • Building performance – in terms of energy efficiency, as well as occupiers’ safety and wellbeing
  • Occupancy rates – including assessing the profile and financial wellbeing of tenants
  • Management of current and anticipated capital works and costs
  • Financial planning – in terms of funding capital works and optimising ROI

Our Strategic Asset Management framework enables clients to understand and plan the management of their assets and the efficacy of the financial strategies for the immediate future, as well as for the next five, ten or twenty years.

Our Strategic Estate & Asset Review team has been helping clients optimise their investment in, as well as the ownership and management of their estates for almost 200 years.

We have the experience and the proven expertise to help clients:

  • Ensure they meet their strategic, financial and ‘succession’ goals
  • Identify new revenue streams and opportunities
  • Manage their estates profitably
  • Develop creative and market centric solutions to address underperforming assets
  • Futureproof assets and the ownership of their estates
  • Develop and implement successful inheritance planning strategies

The cornerstones of our strategic development process include:

A review of the estate and its assets comprising:

  • An assessment of current assets’ performance across the portfolio
  • Identification and evaluation of potential opportunities
  • Benchmarking of each asset’s performance
  • Collaboration with clients’ professional advisors to develop a holistic view of the estate’s and assets’ short, medium and long term opportunities and risks
  • Developing and interrogate a costed strategic plan

A viability assessment of each asset’s potential revenue and diversity options. We:

  • Evaluate the impact local competition could have on each identified opportunity
  • Analyse local demographics to understand the potential demand for each option

A performance review – the key elements include:

  • Profiling the portfolio with particular reference to asset and agreement type
  • A statistical analysis of performance indicators such as yields, rent levels, and vacant periods
  • Regular reviews to establish progress against a quantifiable benchmark

Producing a detailed land zoning report which comprises:

  • A visual mapping report outlining potential land use opportunities available
  • An evaluation of how each option and different land use would work seamlessly with current and future enterprises
  • An analysis of the local demographic

To find out how we can help you take the guesswork out of the strategic management of assets, please call James Routledge (for commercial asset management) and Ellie Savage or Kate Mason (for a strategic estate & asset review), or complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Strategic Asset Management team works closely with other specialist teams drawn from across the firm to ensure that clients benefit from integrated and holistic property advice – one team, one plan, one goal.

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