Expert Witness & Dispute Resolution

Clear independent expert advice in property disputes

Our highly experienced team of Expert Witness specialists helps clarify and resolve property related disputes. Our strength is that we will always provide honest, informed and independent advice, which is often the difference between the success or failure of a case.

When working with legal teams, we:

  • Provide initial advice/counsel
  • Help develop/refine a resolution strategy
  • Appear in court (as Expert Witnesses)
  • Provide mediation services
  • Compile reports which complies with CPR Part 35

Our integrity as a team is based on the fact that we:

  • Understand the laws of contract and tort and are able to translate it into applicable procedural law
  • Evaluate information and present an argument clearly, compellingly and in a fair and neutral way
  • Prepare Expert Witness Property Valuation Reports which are fully Civil Procedure Rules, Family or Criminal Procedure Rules compliant
  • Represent clients in courts, property tribunals and in adjudication
  • Act as a Single Joint Expert in the valuation of assets and portfolios in disputes which involve property
  • Appear before, or provide written representation to planning inquiries and hearings
  • Advocate mediation as an alternative dispute resolution procedure, if we believe it is the best option
  • Work closely and in collaboration with legal teams to find an equitable solution
  • Have a proven team of specialists whose expertise includes:

Whether retained by claimants or defendants, we know that our duty of care as Expert Witnesses is to the Court and not to the clients who appoint us.

Our Expert Witness & Dispute Resolution team only comprises experienced and qualified Chartered Surveyors, Registered Valuers and Chartered Town Planners.

To discuss any Expert Witness, arbitration or mediation issues you might have, please call Richard Scriven today or complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you directly.

Our Expert Witness & Dispute Resolution Team works closely with other specialist teams from across the firm to ensure that clients benefit from integrated and holistic property advice – one team, one plan, one goal.

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