Delivering Net Zero

Reducing your carbon footprint – meeting your 2050 goals

If you want to de-risk and improve the sustainability index of your building portfolio or asset – talk to us.

We know that whilst achieving carbon neutrality and Net Zero status is a critical part of the corporate agenda for most medium, large and reputation-conscious organisations, it is a journey which requires the skills and guidance of specialist Net Zero consultants.

We know this because we advise many clients on this issue and help them develop a Net Zero Roadmap to support their ESG objectives.

A typical Net Zero Roadmap comprises:

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Improving energy efficiency across the portfolio
  • Reaching carbon neutrality
  • Seeking the most appropriate (emissions) offset for the organisation
  • Or, a unique combination of the above

But of course, every organisation is different and each has its unique complexity of challenges and solutions. Almost every organisation will have to adapt its existing business model and operating practices to meet its Net Zero objectives by 2050 (the legally binding target date set by the UK Government). However, many major companies aim to be carbon-neutral long before then.

Our ‘Delivering Net Zero’ (DNZ) solution is simple.

Our Net Zero consultants:

  • Start with an audit of the portfolio
  • Develop a detailed (data-led) report which includes the identification of assets which are most at risk of legal non-compliance or, not meeting the organisation’s Net Zero and ESG objectives
  • Agree a hierarchy of priorities with the Client Team (which usually comprises a corporate strategist and the Energy Team, as well as representatives from the Finance and Operational teams)
  • Develop a costed (implementation) plan designed to ensure that every asset will meet stated Net Zero targets by agreed deadlines
  • Manage the implementation of the asset’s improvement plan
  • Reassess the asset when the compliance work is complete – to ensure its carbon footprint has reduced in line with expectations

We know from experience that to be effective and successful, the DNZ Roadmap needs the endorsement of the C-Suite and senior executives, as well as the buy-in of everyone in the organisation. This is critical.

To find out how we can help your organisation meet your 2050 Net Zero emissions and Net Zero buildings goals, please call Darren Edwards or Tom Beeley today, or complete our enquiry form, and we will get straight back to you.

The DNZ Team also works closely with other specialist teams across the firm to ensure that clients benefit from integrated and holistic property advice – one team, one plan, one goal.

Case studies:

Wesleyan Assurance Society – sustainability cost-benefit advice

Mordril Industrial Limited – Property Action Plans to support energy efficiency improvements

Chancerygate – Property Action Plans to drive EPC improvement strategy

IOGP Limited Partnership – holistic energy performance analysis across 287 commercial property assets

L7 Management LLP - Solar photovoltaic (PV) feasibility report.

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