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The Government’s 2050 net zero target will prove challenging for commercial property owners.

Legislation is expected which is likely to increase minimum energy efficiency standards before commercial property can be let.

Many property owners are setting their own, very ambitious, targets for net zero as they align themselves with their customers and other stakeholders.

Our sustainable energy experts with over 20 years industry experience have joined forces with our commercial property managers and building consultancy team to offer a ‘one stop shop’ for sustainable property advice. The team can work with you and for you to map out a pathway to get your commercial property to net zero.

Our aim is to ensure your asset portfolio is not only compliant with incoming regulations but has a clear plan and is commercially attractive to tenants and investors alike.

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Our DNZ service is cyclical, broken down into the following stages:


Asset Portfolio Review

a desktop review of your assets, giving consideration to factors such as current EPC rating, tenancy arrangements and building criteria. As part of this, we will create a risk register and priority action list, identifying where you might be exposed in line with current environmental legislation. This exercise sets a benchmark for the start of your pathway to net zero.


Property Action Plan (PAP)

having identified properties within your portfolio which are most at risk of stranding, the second step is to prepare individual PAPs. For this, we will arrange for our EPC assessors to visit and inspect the asset.


Audit & Energy Modelling

as part of the individual PAP, we will consider factors such as the assets current electricity and heat usage, its EPC score and carbon footprint. We will suggest ways that these can be improved for the benefit of the individual asset and wider portfolio.


Design Solutions & Costing

having inspected and audited the property, we will propose and cost solutions to improve its energy efficiency.


Commercial Evaluation

conscious of the importance of planned, strategic investment, we will scrutinise the merit of the investment against your objectives.


Procurement & Implementation

having discussed and agreed improvement measures, we can source and implement the agreed works. Using our experienced building consultants and commercial property managers, we can deliver the solutions cost-effectively.


Renewable Energy

with over 20 years’ industry experience and contacts, our specialists can organise and deliver renewable energy solutions for your building.



it is important to realise that it will not be possible for every building or portfolio to achieve net zero. If carbon offsetting is required, we can help facilitate this.

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All areas of the commercial property sector—non-residential investment portfolios including offices, workshops, industrial space, retail space, warehouses etc.

Asset portfolio review sets green investment benchmark. Click here for more details


EPC improvement project maps out pathway to Net Zero. Click here for more details.

Read the article from the Fisher German magazine here

Q. What is Net Zero?

A. In property terms, Net Zero is defined by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) as having been achieved when “the amount of carbon emissions associated with a building’s operational energy on an annual basis is zero or negative.”


Q. Why is Net Zero relevant to me?

A. In 2019, the Government amended the Climate Change Act to commit the UK to achieving Net Zero by 2050. This replaced a previous target of an 80% reduction in emissions by 2050. The residing legislation is the Climate Change Act 2008 (2050 Target Amendment) Order 2019.


Q. What are the benefits of owning a Net Zero building?

A. There are a large number of benefits to holding a Net Zero building, ranging from reduced running costs to increased tenant demand. In turn, these factors are contributing to a ‘green premium’ within the rental sector and higher capital values as occupiers and investors alike apply stricter sustainability criteria to the buildings they occupy and invest in.


Q. What are the risks of ignoring the push for Net Zero?

A. The key risk is that the building/asset becomes ‘stranded’. Put simply, this is where it fails to comply with legislation and is unlettable.


Q. How can Fisher German help my business to deliver Net Zero?

A. Our DNZ service is a standalone service aimed at assisting clients build their Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) strategy and to achieve Net Zero status at either portfolio or asset level. By combining our commercial property management, building consultancy and sustainable energy expertise, we can offer a ‘one stop shop’ helping you create a tailored pathway to Net Zero for your property portfolio.


Q. What will my route to Net Zero look like?

A. We appreciate that each and every client’s needs are slightly different; however all clients are aiming for a single goal – achieving Net Zero. The process begins with a Portfolio Review to determine your most at risk assets, following which we will map out a pathway in consultation with yourself to ultimately Deliver Net Zero. Key elements of the pathway are shown in our DNZ cycle below.