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Whether we are advising farmers, landowners, or investors, our clients are always guaranteed three things:

  • Business insights drawn from our in-depth understanding of the financial, regulatory and practical issues that farmers have to contend with
  • Technical expertise, which is complemented by our appreciation of the non-financial challenges farm and landowners face
  • A dedicated team of specialists with a proven farming and agribusiness track record

We’ve supported our Agribusiness clients for almost 200 years. We know that our team of specialists can combine empathy with strategic counsel, hands-on expertise and an ability to deliver on our clients’ objectives.

Our skills lie in thinking beyond the tramlines of classic Agri Consultancy, identifying opportunities and ascertaining the most appropriate potential revenue streams for our clients’ complex businesses.

Every farm has unique requirements and opportunities, so we tailor our recommendations to reflect this.

Helping farming businesses develop investment and farming strategies (including plans to increase the environmental resilience of their natural assets) is now an integral part of our brief. A brief which reflects our clients’ desire to play a role in helping address the combined challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and optimising the efficiency of food production.

Our role is to guide and help them realise their ambitions and generate enterprise revenue – without putting their farming business at risk.

The cornerstones of our service include:

Our starting point is always a detailed conversation to understand our clients’:

  • Goals and ambitions
  • History – including what worked, what did not work and why
  • The current and anticipated revenue schedules
  • Current farming practices and performances
  • An analysis of potential opportunities, risks and returns

This understanding and appreciation of the farm’s ‘current’ position and its potential enables us to formulate a bespoke plan, which could range:

  • From the practical - issues such as crop related recommendations, completing grant applications, staff recruitment and training
  • To more strategic issues - such as identifying new opportunities and advising on investment plans.

Our specialist Farm Management and Consultancy services are delivered by a team of qualified specialists –including qualified BASIS and FACTS experts. The team has practical, hands-on experience and expertise in arable and livestock farming.

Our commercial expertise has been honed in the Agribusiness environment, which is why our recommendations are realistic and dovetail with our clients’ personal ambitions.

The brief is often centred around change – such as succession planning or changes in the structure of the business to reflect the changing priorities of its owners. These are issues which require empathy, creativity, clarity and discretion – all critical to developing an equitable and sustainable solution which meets every stakeholder’s demands.

Your agricultural consulting firm, supported by a wider group of specialists drawn from our broader multi-disciplined service lines (see below), constantly monitors the effectiveness of our recommendations and always considers continuous improvement strategies which could/should be adopted.

We passionately believe that your success – and ours – is built on strong long-term relationships, honesty and integrity.

These values define how we will work with you to unlock the potential in your land, turn ideas into reality and ensure your business is sustainable and prosperous.


To find out how we can help you meet your Agribusiness objectives, please call David Kinnersley today or complete our online enquiry form and we will get straight back to you.

The Agri Business team works closely with other specialist teams drawn across the firm to ensure that clients benefit from integrated and holistic advice – one team, one plan, one goal.

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