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Leading agricultural consultants with the strategic vision to reach long-term solutions for your business

As one of the leading agricultural consulting firms, Fisher German offers a high level of technical and practical experience, as well as strategic vision to reach workable long-term solutions for your farming business.

We have a reputation for working with clients and being involved in their farm estate business to give them potential for greater profits and increased opportunities. We work with farmers, landowners and investors in the UK and Europe to develop agricultural management strategies and maximise owners’ assets.

Joint ventures and contract farming have grown in popularity in recent years, enabling landowners and farm estates to retain occupation of their holdings whilst reducing their day to day involvement with farming and releasing working capital, through the sharing of assets and resources.

Our involvement with a wide variety of landowning clients over many years provides us with the experience to appreciate that people have wide-ranging needs and objectives. Each joint venture or contracting agreement is different; we can prepare bespoke agreements to cater for your individual requirements and advise on the performance of the farm management contract to ensure an equitable return to each party. Often considered as an alternative to farm business tenancies, there can also be tax advantages to entering into these agreements.

We provide a proactive management contract service to landowners who wish to be involved in farming as a business to retain tax reliefs, flexibility of use, sporting or other interests but who do not wish to be restrained by the day to day operations.

The gap between average and excellent farm business performance is widening all the time and holdings must be actively managed to maximise returns. Farm and agricultural management continues to be a key element of the professional services offered by Fisher German; we have the in-depth knowledge required to deliver the excellent performance levels demanded by today’s landowner.

We can provide a comprehensive service to include:

  • Advice on alternative joint venture options
  • Structuring and preparing agreements
  • Selecting the right contractor or joint venture partner
  • Understanding finances, analysing the risks and returns
  • Agreeing the best cropping for each individual farm or estate
  • Advising on CAP regulations including any potential changes
  • Agreeing annual budgets, monitoring actual performance against budgeted figures
  • Preparing year-end financial statements
  • Regular monthly, quarterly or annual reporting, as required

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