Natural Capital

Working to address climate change while integrating natural capital principles.

The challenges include climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution of both our air and our water.

Having advised private and public sector organisations, as well as the rural community for almost 200 years, we are skilled in acting as a bridge between:

  • The guardians of the nation’s stock of natural capital/assets (landowners and farmers) and
  • Organisations/individuals who face a combination of legislative, societal and moral pressure to sequester (or offset) their carbon outputs.

Having supported our Agribusiness clients for almost 200 years, we know that our team of specialists can combine empathy with strategic counsel, hands-on expertise with an ability to deliver on our clients’ objectives. That is why our specialist team of Natural Capital experts advise landowners and farmers, as well as institutional investors, national and international corporations and developers.

We know and understand the complexities of the regulatory framework which Offset Providers (landowners and farmers) and Seekers (organisations and individuals) have to comply with. That is why we created a dedicated portal – The Green Offset – to help both parties identify potential ‘partners’ and explore the viability of working together to achieve clearly defined (offsetting) goals.

In terms of Natural Capital, our tailored nature based solutions help:

Organisations and individuals looking to fulfil their environmental and ESG ambitions to:

  • Understand and define their objectives
  • Develop appropriate strategies to achieve these goals
  • Identify potential offsetting programmes
  • Analyse the merits of each and make informed decisions
  • Monitor the efficacy and outcomes of the agreed plan
  • Continual assessment of the programme to ensure it is futureproofed and will meet the initial and any evolving objectives

Landowners and farmers who wish to optimise their Natural Capital assets – we:

  • Identify potential (Natural Capital related) income opportunities which would complement their existing business models
  • Determine the value of each as well as the potential medium and long term implications for the estate/farm
  • Identify potential Offset Partners
  • Negotiate, or play an advisory role during the negotiation process
  • Continually assess the programme to ensure it is futureproofed and will meet the initial and any evolving objectives

Note: to eliminate any conflict of interests, we never represent or advise both parties in any agreement.

Whether the agreement covers the creation of carbon credits from tree planting, soil rejuvenation and restoration, or establishing biodiversity schemes, our team of Natural Capital specialists has the skills, experience and expertise to help clients achieve their objectives and provide evidenced documentation for stakeholder and financial reporting purposes.

To find out how we can help you, please call Alex Watts or complete our online enquiry form and we will get straight back to you.

The Natural Capital team works closely with other specialists drawn from across the firm to ensure that clients benefit from integrated and holistic property advice – one team, one plan, one goal.

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