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We believe it is critical that we:

  • Operate a Local Property & Asset Management service structure which ensures that we are close to the assets, tenants and contractors we appoint
  • This allows us to:
    • Know and understand what our clients’ investment objectives are for the properties we manage
    • Track every property’s financial, operational and environmental performance, to ensure we meet our clients’ objectives
    • Know and/or anticipate what impact current and prospective legislation could have on the properties we manage and, develop appropriate and tailored risk compliance strategies accordingly
    • Have a thorough knowledge of the occupier communities in the buildings we manage, to anticipate potential risks – be it financial, behavioural or occupational
    • Operate a seamless and integrated Client Accounts and Property Management service. Our proven financial reporting and management teams are client facing, accountable and totally accessible
    • Focus on the financial management of every property we manage – collecting rents and service charges; addressing bad payers and arrears; track and anticipating capital expenditure

Every recommendation we make to our clients is tailored, data led and underpinned by a detailed understanding of the characteristics of the properties we manage and the tenants who occupy them. This enables our clients to make informed decisions about de-risking their property investments, whilst anticipating potential investments related to necessary operational and capital investments.

As the external arm of our clients’ Asset Management team, we undertake the day-to-day tasks necessary to ensure everyone can work or live safely in the spaces they occupy. We ensure that:

  • Managing healthy and energy efficient buildings is always the foremost thought of every member of our team
  • The efficient, effective and sustainable use and development of the land we manage is always at the epicentre of our philosophy

Apart from managing the properties throughout their ownership lifecycle, our role is also to collate tenant data and intel to help clients anticipate potential operational and financial tenant-related issues – we are their eyes, ears and ambassadors on the ground.

We also help with structuring leases to ensure that they are equitable for both our clients and tenants and that they reflect the true costs of shared services and facilities.

The technical services our Commercial Property Management team delivers include:

  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • Compliance with sustainability regulations
  • ESG - advising and reporting on environmental/social issues
  • Financial and data management
  • Lease compliance
  • Property performance analysis
  • Procurement and contractor management
  • Reporting and accounts
  • Purchase due diligence
  • Rent and service charge collection
  • Service Charge Management
  • A 24/7 Helpdesk for occupiers

Fisher German LLP is a member of the RICS Client Money Protection Scheme.

Our Rural Property Management team’s primary objectives are to optimise client’s ROI, enhance the value of their investment and minimise their costs and liabilities.

That is why the cornerstones of our focus, which evolve to reflect legislative, economic and clients’ circumstances include:

  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • Rent collection and managing the accounting and funds repatriation process
  • Tenant Relationship Management
  • Estate Management – including accounting and payroll services
  • Tax and succession planning
  • Diversification advice and asset reviews
  • Developing and implementing diversification strategies – including sustainable energy installations
  • Acquisition and disposal of assets
  • Conservation land management
  • Digital mapping services

Whether we are providing a comprehensive management service, or strategic advice on an ad hoc basis, clients are guaranteed three things. We always ensure that we:

  • Understand all the explicit and implicit nuances in a brief
  • Provide informed, impartial and independent advice
  • Deliver well executed programmes which focuses relentlessly on meeting strategic, financial and operational goals, as well as agreed deadlines

Although it may not be critical to a business’s day-to-day operations, we know that non-operational assets do add value to the bottom line and also have the potential for future revenue. They may also be critical to the longevity of the core-operating business structure.

That is why we created a dedicated team of Non-Operational Asset specialists who have a proven reputation for managing assets efficiently, effectively and profitably - allowing the Leadership Team to focus on the core business.

The team started life supporting our Construction Materials clients however today, we help corporates including water, waste, utilities and infrastructure companies with non-operating assets (such as vacant or unused land or buildings, or buildings leased to third parties).

These assets might be ‘non-core’, but they do represent potential revenue (eg rental income) and profitability (eg capital receipts).

That is why our focus is on protecting capital values; minimising costs and liabilities; ensuring the assets are compliant with evolving legislation; and preparing them for disposal (when the time is right), to ensure that the sale proceeds are optimised.

Our services include:

  • Managing the condition of the assets, to protect their market value, as well as ‘added value’ opportunities
  • Treasury Services
  • Rent collection and manging the accounting and funds repatriation process
  • Tenant Relationship Management
  • Minimise risks associated with access rights, rights of way, easements, wayleaves, compensation claims, etc
  • Supporting or leading (as necessary) strategic acquisition and disposal plans
  • Providing Strategic Planning and Development consultancy
  • Adding value to strategic assets utilising Green Offset options
  • Lease Advisory

If you believe that a non-operational property is an asset and not a liability talk to us. We will prove you right.

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The Property & Management team works closely with other specialists drawn from across the firm, to ensure that clients benefit from integrated and holistic property advice – one team, one plan, one goal.

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Head of Commercial Management

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Head of Rural Property Management

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Partner - Corporate Real Estate – Non Operational PM&C Lead

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