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Our National Country Agency Team specialise in the sale of complex and higher value property including country houses, farms and estates. The team was established in response to the needs of our clients and it is really important to us that we do this in a personable way and that you enjoy working with us. With decades of experience between us, we aim to provide additional market insight and technical expertise.

Your property sale journey can seem a daunting one and reaching the best buyers can seem an elusive ambition. Put simply, our job is to unlock value by implementing the best strategy to create the highest possible sale price. Our team has an enviable track record in generating exceptional prices for our clients.

The unique properties we look after often have unpredictable marketplaces and are in short supply. Your local market is important and our regional offices will cover this comprehensively. One of our main roles is to look further afield for the best buyers, as more and more people have greater mobility. Our purpose is helping buyers to understand how your property could be perfect for them.

Your decision to sell may take a long time. For National Country Agency Team properties, we see the sale not as a short term disposal objective but long-standing project with our clients. This may include annual reviews where we provide valuation and market updates all geared to producing the optimum future sale. Whatever your plans are for selling, we seek to add significant value by leaving no stone unturned.

Your property sale needs to come to the attention of all the best buyers. Our team has regional and national contacts and an inevitable focus on London with an international view where necessary. In addition to prime purchasers, we establish close liaison with key advisors, buying agents, developers and investors.

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