Telecom fisher german

Our team over the last year or so have represented land and property owners on in excess of 20 such matters and from relocation of several telecoms operator’s equipment on city centre multi storey buildings to removal of a single telecom operator blighting a proposed residential development in the countryside.

Operators have statutory powers to remain on site and a land or property owner cannot just demand an operator vacate or relocate. Negotiations to handle full removal or relocation of equipment require expertise very few possess to ensure substantial and disproportionate costs are not incurred by the landlord.

To avoid delay in development programmes, it is paramount that operators are fully aware of your plans so that the parties can work to a mutually beneficial outcome and within the timescales required.

It is also of utmost importance that the relevant notices are served under the code, 1954 Act and the lease and our team can advise on what is required and to ensure your lawyers progress matters accordingly.