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Our GIS team can meet all your geospatial needs providing a comprehensive package of services to include analysis, background data, surveys and plans.

Our team is made up of GIS experts with a combined experience of over 30 years. Utilising our mapping technology, we can provide expert mapping, location services and data analysis. Our range of comprehensive geospatial services include:

  • Large scale plan production
  • Land Registry compliant plan preparation
  • Geo-referencing original deeds and agreements
  • Rural estate mapping
  • Project support to large utility schemes
  • Land referencing
  • Map books covering routes/ estates
  • Mobile and web GIS applications
  • Interactive, layered and 3D PDF creation
  • Our sophisticated software allows us to manage your data by tailoring it to specific requirements.


    Services include:

    • Data cleansing
    • Task automation
    • Database management
    • Analysis and interpretation
    • Data Sharing/ formatting
    • Reporting
  • GPS based surveys are used to capture reliable and accurate sub-centimetre location data in the field. 


    Applications include:

    • Capturing new boundaries for the plotting/dividing and sale of land
    • Locating the position of historic easement/rights areas on the ground
    • Ownership boundary disputes
    • Elevation capture
    • Supplying evidence to the Land Registry of incorrect Title plan boundaries
    • Registering Lease areas with accurate Land Registry compliant plans
    • Capture existing utility assets
    • Mark out proposed utility routes/assets
  • As Ordnance Survey Partners we hold direct unlimited access to up to date OS mapping products at a discounted rate.

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