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Tissington, Derbyshire

Project summary

  • We were instructed to undertake a strategic asset appraisal for this historic rural estate.
  • The business included a range of traditional let farms, cottages and commercial units together with a number of in-hand tourism ventures and woodland.
  • The work included benchmarking the Estate's performance and giving a detailed recommendations with subsequent implementation .


  • Review of the residential portfolio to improve housing stock, ensuring let property compliance is met.
  • Identification of options to further develop the Estate as a tourism destination, improving returns from current tourism ventures as well as suggestions for additional ventures.
  • Reviewing the performance of individual assets, Core and Non-core assets which could release capital for alternative investment.
  • Recommendation for redundant assets with regards to alternative uses and income streams.
  • Identification of natural capital opportunities.
  • Sought to future proof the Estate, to ensure it is sustainable for future generations.


  • Identifying diversification options that will result in alternative sources of income for the Estate will ensure that the business risk is reduced.
  • Improving the housing stock will ensure a potential increase in rents and overall market value.
  • Improvement of assets will not only better the Estate's income but also preserve for future generations.
  • Estate will be more resilient to unforeseen political, environmental, or economical changes if business risk is reduced.

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