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The sale of a rare property type, a fascinating Victorian former boathouse

Project summary

  • To advise on the sale of this extraordinary ‘hideaway’ in order to ensure that all target markets were covered
  • To find a sale solution that would maximise sale proceeds whilst preventing failed transactions that fall through due to the unusual nature of the building


  • Detailed investigation into the Title, access/use restrictions and construction characteristics of this unique building
  • Pre-sale property report and health and safety audit
  • Sale by informal tender
  • Comprehensive marketing campaign targeting regional, national and international purchasers
  • Creation of online data room to handle property and legal documentation


  • Marketing strategy heavily focused on PR and social media to reach the broadest target audience. Numerous high quality viewings resulted
  • Informal tender process created competitive bidding environment and allowed all offers to be assessed on an even basis
  • Enhanced pre-sale due diligence created a platform for swift exchange of contracts
  • The sale was a great success with a result significantly in excess of the £675,000 guide price