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Project summary

  • to obtain outline planning permission for 31 affordable dwellings on a vacant brownfield site in the centre of Birkenhead, which was a draft allocation in a new Local Plan
  • To work with local authorities to overcome constraints with issues relating to contamination, access, relationship with adjoining commercial uses, the proximity of nearby housing and a challenging viability position.
  • Provision of advice and assistance to the client in their negotiations to sell the site to a Registered Provider to deliver the development on site.


  • a planning strategy was developed to achieve a viable high-density development that responded to the constraints whilst providing a high-quality design.
  • A positive working relationship was established with the local authority to work through the numerous planning issues on the site and negotiate solutions to any residual concerns.
  • Local consultation with residents and politicians was also undertaken at an early stage to answer questions and head off the prospect of any significant level of objection.
  • Planning permission was achieved without the need to refer to Planning Committee and without any commuted sums.


  • Research, lateral thinking and a strategy was developed to provide a realistic development. Early stakeholder engagement with the Council was crucial. The resultant high-density scheme will meet identified needs for affordable housing in that part of the town and help the Council to deliver their Local Plan strategy

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