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Mixbury, Oxfordshire

Project summary

  • Full planning application for 2 acres of polytunnels for farm diversification. Looked for ways to continue to sustain the business and generate enough income for the family.
  • Exemplar project using UK-leading technology to allow strawberries to be grown all year round.


  • Use of latest technologies in the form of hydroponic, soil-free system consisting of coconut husk and irrigated rainfall collected from the roof.
  • The temperature and humidity are monitored using a climate controller to ensure the optimum growing condition for the strawberry plants all year round. The double layer of poly for added insulation is also one of very few in the country and will help the farm reduce energy use.
  • Less reliant on pesticides.


  • Creation of 15 jobs.
  • Opportunity for educational school visits; children can learn about ‘grow local’ and sustainable consumption
  • Enables Locally grown produce all year round, reducing imports to UK from abroad
  • Use of biological controls such as specific predators, negating the need for pesticides
  • Biodiversity enhancements along site boundary
  • Ecological enhancements (bat boxes, bird boxes, sparrow nest terraces).