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Three colleagues from our Ashby, Doncaster and Manchester offices recently embarked on separate marathon journeys, each fuelled by a passion for charity. 
Steve Brittle, a partner in our commercial agency team based at our Manchester office, laced up his running shoes for the Manchester Marathon on April 14th. Alongside 30,000 participants, he tackled the 26.2-mile course, not just for personal achievement but to raise funds for a charity close to his heart: Spoons. This remarkable charity supports parents and families by alleviating stress and reducing the isolation for those who experience neonatal care by helping them practically and emotionally.  Steve’s motivation was deeply personal - his close friend had once benefited from Spoons’ invaluable services, he said: “I was persuaded to join a team of friends running that day for Spoons Charity who helped a friend of mine with their new baby boy in NCIU.
“It was tough but throughout the course, the support, shouts, and words of encouragement from spectators and strangers willed you on and provided the extra lift you needed. I knew that my first marathon would be hard physically and mentally and that’s what I signed up for, I completed it within my 4-hour target, so I am extremely proud of that.”
Tate Langmead, a graduate surveyor in our infrastructure team based at our Doncaster office, had a different mission. On the bustling streets of London, he joined the iconic London Marathon on April 21 to support the Bone Cancer Research Trust. This charity fights primary bone cancer through research, information, awareness, and support. Tate said: “I ran the marathon in memory of my late stepfather who had a rare form of bone marrow cancer, I hope I have made him proud. I even wore his favourite Liverpool shirt even though I am a Chelsea fan as we both enjoyed football, so wearing his shirt reminded me of why I was running the marathon.”
Graduate Planner, Ethan Glover, based in our Ashby office ran the London Marathon for Young Lives versus Cancer. This charity empowers children and young people through support during treatment and beyond. Ethan said: “I ran the marathon in memory of two of my family members who have passed away from cancer, so this charity meant something to me, and I felt it was an important cause to run for.
“I enjoyed the first half of the marathon, but it got very tough! The atmosphere on the day was incredible and the crowd kept you going. There were plenty of times I thought I could pack it in and stop, but there was no way I could come home and tell people I hadn’t finished.” 
Tate has already raised £7,950 and you can support him by clicking here. Ethan has raised £1,515 and you can support him by clicking here and Steve has raised £1,533, you can support him by clicking here.