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Last weekend, in a remarkable display of commitment and endurance, four colleagues, David Kinnersley, Partner and Head of Agribusiness, Robert Webster, an associate from our GIS team, Tom Giddings, Partner from our minerals team and Ben Longstaff, Partner from our infrastructure services team, embarked on a challenging 68-mile cycling journey to support Seven Trent's Water Aid initiative. 
This challenge, marked by its demanding route and significant physical toll, highlights both the spirit of camaraderie and the importance of access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions.
The quartet set off from the picturesque Carsington Water, heading north through the rugged terrain of the Peak District. Their journey took them through the scenic yet formidable landscapes of Buxton and the Goyt Valley, before looping back south through Gradbach. The route was anything but easy; it included over 2,200 meters of climbing and daunting slopes with gradients as steep as 20%. Despite these challenges, the cyclists were rewarded with breathtaking views, including expansive vistas towards Manchester from the highest point of their ride.
Tom Giddings said: “Tom Giddings said: “While the physical challenge was immense, the charitable cause is fantastic. The ride was organised in support of Water Aid, a charity dedicated to providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions to communities in Bangladesh. Something we all take for granted”.
Thanks to the determination and effort of Robert, Tom, David, Ben and all those who took part, the ride not only succeeded in raising awareness but also raised over £1,700 for Water Aid. This contribution will go a long way in helping the charity continue its vital work, transforming lives by improving access to essential water and sanitation services.
Reflecting on the ride, Robert Webster commented: "The route was incredibly challenging, especially with the steep climbs, but knowing we were contributing to such a valuable cause kept us going. The stunning views and the support from our colleagues and friends were also great motivators."
David Kinnersley added: "Cycling through the Peak District was an unforgettable experience. The physical exertion was significant, but the purpose behind our ride made every pedal stroke worthwhile."
Severn Trent Water has been supporting WaterAid since its founding in 1981. The Severn Trent Water Aid initiative is a vital program to provide clean water and sanitation facilities to needy communities. Throughout the 5-year project, the initiative aims to raise £560,000 and reach over 100,000 people with clean water and decent toilets. The climate-resilient water supply system funded by this initiative will be owned and operated by local communities, ensuring sustainable access to clean water for generations. 
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