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Fisher German has welcomed the introduction of the Agriculture Bill to Parliament this week, which will give farmers much needed clarity ahead of Brexit. The Bill includes assurances from the Government that farmers will be given incentives to take steps to protect the environment, and also confirms that the Basic Payment Scheme will be phased out from 2021 as expected. However, the exact detail of the policies within the Bill will not be known until it passes through Parliament completely.

Head of Agribusiness, David Kinnersley, said: “We welcome the introduction of the Agriculture Bill to Parliament once again. It is the first step towards reducing uncertainty for farmers as the UK begins to leave the EU. We are pleased the Bill is focusing on rewarding farmers and landowners for the wider public benefits that they deliver including the sustainable management of soils by giving farmers grants to help improve its quality, while also recognising that food security to ensure supplies are not disrupted is an important issue. Although we do not know exactly what the policies coming out of the Bill will contain when it has finished going through Parliament, we do know the policy framework, and Fisher German will monitor its progress carefully. We look forward to seeing the Bill once enacted and the detail in the policies that will implement the most wholesale agricultural policy reform for decades.”

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