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Project summary

  • Cadent Gas required the right to access private land at five locations in order to carry out Medium Pressure gas pipe replacement works.
  • There was a Deed of Grant registered for the entirety of the pipeline but there were two locations where access was required supplementary to the works where Cadent had no rights to access.
  • A temporary agreement was required for one of these two locations with a private landowner.
  • The other location was within a primary school to improve supply and have an agreement.


  • Fisher German advised that these works should be programmed during the summer holidays to accommodate the needs of the primary school.
  • Summer works would also decrease the disturbance losses to be paid out to the other grantors.
  • Fisher German agreed a relevant licence and suitable fee for the areas outside of the Deed based upon our market knowledge.
  • Where the Deed was suitable, relevant notices were served and the works were completed in line with the engineers programme.


  • Fisher German assisted alongside the sub-contractor during the works and kept in contact with all the relevant stakeholders during the works to maintain positive relationships.
  • Compensation was minimised through constructive conversations and management with the Stakeholders.

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