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You’ve been invited to interview – great news! You have experience and areas in your CV that we’d like to explore with you in more detail with a full interview. 

Let’s take a look at a few things you need to consider before meeting us:

What should you wear?

Most of the time we would expect candidates to come dressed “business smart” however due to the ongoing pandemic and modernisation of business in general, we’re more than happy with “smart casual” but please contact us if you have any questions/doubts. 

Online or face-to-face?

Our recruitment team will send you out full meeting details. If the interview is held online (as is becoming more popular in recent times) then you will receive a calendar invite with a Microsoft Teams link. You will not have to download Microsoft teams to join the meeting, simply click on the link provided and you will join as a guest. 

If the interview is held face-to-face then candidates will receive the full address and directions in the emailed invite. All of our offices are accessible via car and most are via public transport. Please get in contact with the team if you have any questions on our locations or best routes to take. 

Please look out for parking signs and park in an FG designated space if you are interviewing at one of our business park sites where we share parking facilities with other businesses. 

What to expect on the day?

Our interviews aim to be set in an informal style to ensure we get the best out of our candidates - no one wants to be interrogated with 50 questions with only a 5 minute window at the end to hear your questions! 

This is your opportunity to show everything you know about us, what you’ve researched, what you’re looking for in your career and how we can accommodate your career aspirations. Of course, we will want to know about your experience and if it fits in with what we’re looking for too. An interview is a chance for us to see if you’re the right candidate for us but also if we’re the right company for you. 

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have, including:

  • Sectors we work in 
  • Client relationships we have
  • Team structure
  • Professional development
  • Projects 
  • Culture 
  • Salary & package 
  • Future professional plans 

What we will ask you about:

  • Your experience
  • What you’re looking for in your career 
  • Have you researched us as a firm and have a general understanding of Fisher German
  • If the role has a technical element or specialised knowledge then we may question you further on this 

Interview process

Typically, we have 1-2 stages per vacancy however this may be up to three depending on the role. Most commonly it will be two stages, one with our recruitment team and a final meeting with the Line Manager and/or wider team.

If the interview is not held online then we will always strive for the meeting to take place in the office that would become your permanent office location so you can get a feel for the environment & culture.

If we move to the offer stage then you will be verbally offered by the recruitment team, once you accept then our HR team will send you all the relevant paperwork you need to sign prior to starting. In the instance of long notice periods or a gap before starting then your new Line Manager and HR will keep in contact to ensure a smooth transition for you. 

If you attend an interview and are not successful then you will be notified via email and given the option to receive full feedback either by email or phone, whichever your preference is. We understand and appreciate that being told you haven’t been successful is disappointing so we want to give our candidates the chance to receive the news and then receive full and concise feedback via a communication they feel comfortable with.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the process then please don’t hesitate to get in contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..