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Fisher German is particularly proud of taking in employees from graduate level and giving them opportunities to work their way up through the firm. One key way we help find graduates with the right credentials to work for us is through our internship scheme, offering summer placements for university students taking all sorts of courses.

Although the bulk of usual students are taking surveying or agricultural courses, the placements are open to all and we welcome applications from a variety of subjects.

Partner Ruth Ofield, who is responsible for Fisher German’s graduate recruitment, said internships are a fantastic way of assessing how well a candidate would fit into the firm.

“Internships are basically an eight-week long job interview for both parties and we can really see the calibre of applicants when they’ve been on an internship with us. We don’t just get them to shadow our employees and make cups of tea – we give them actual responsibility and plenty of chances to show their talent to us. We also try and give them experience across several of our sectors rather than focusing on just one.

We’re happy to accept students with a variety of degrees and interests – the only real barrier to success for an intern, or in fact anyone else at Fisher German, is themselves. If they’re willing to work hard and learn, they can progress through the business. We feel the scheme is a win-win - the interns gain invaluable experience and skills during their time with us, and Fisher German benefits from finding talented individuals who will add real value to the business. There are other benefits too: when they come in after their studies they are able to hit the ground running as they are familiar with the company.”

Internships have been highly effective in finding new colleagues since we began offering them around six years ago – around 50 per cent of all graduates hired each year are recruited after completing an internship.

One particularly successful intern was Alice Foster, a student at the Royal Agricultural University who completed an eight-week placement in our Ashby office last summer.

Her decision to apply was based on our commitment to getting graduates through their APC and our overall reputation.

During her time at Fisher German, Alice worked all over the country on a variety of tasks, such as assisting with Injurious Affection claims, and helping to arrange site access for engineering firms.

Partner Seb Kingsley, who worked with Alice while she helped out in the Ashby office’s Utilities team, was impressed with her drive.

He said: “I can’t speak highly enough of Alice – she was willing to learn, worked hard for her team, and genuinely cared about helping Fisher German deliver a great service to our clients. The experience gave Alice the opportunity to decide which sector her future career lay in, and I am delighted that she was offered a job as a result of her placement, which she’ll start after she completes her studies.

“Fisher German’s career progression means graduates can rise right through the firm – we love to see them progressing through the levels, and into the Partnership. We would always encourage any student with an interest in our company to apply for an internship – it could be the start of a fantastic career.”

Our summer placement scheme is closed for 2020 but if you want to find out more about our 2021 internship opportunities, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.