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How do we make our farm businesses resilient and fit for the future? Associate Director Nicola Hopkins from our Hereford office talks about the value of a Business Resilience Review to identify cost saving measures and income opportunities.

“The starting point is to take a moment from the day-to-day operations and consider your short and long term objectives. It is important to identify the business’ strengths, areas for improvement and identify opportunities that could transform the farming business. I know this is easier said than done, particularly when there may be long-standing, complicated family arrangements or multiple family members involved, or event succession issues and concerns.That is why taking advantage of a Business Resilience Review offer is an opportunity to have a fresh pair of eyes to thoroughly review your farm business and identify potential opportunities as well as cost saving measures, with the aim of boosting the profitability and viability of your business.

Following our Business Resilience Reviews, we have successfully identified a number of opportunities for a range of farm businesses, which include:

  • Planning opportunities including agricultural workers dwellings, new farm buildings, conversions and new builds
  • Farm diversification schemes and projects to enhance the business portfolio
  • Restructuring of livestock, arable and fruit systems to reduce input costs
  • Business restructuring including set up of partnerships, Share Farming and Contract Farming Agreements and Farm Business Tenancies to improve profitability and reduce debt
  • Benchmarking to improve enterprise profitability
  • Carefully planning strategic sales and purchases
  • Option and Promotion agreements
  • Secured lending and AMC applications
  • Grant funding opportunities

If you believe you might benefit from any of the above opportunities, or are interested in undertaking a Business Resilience Review with Fisher German to explore your options, we have agricultural experts based across the UK who are able to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to have a discussion and receive a no obligation quote.”

For more information about the range of services we can offer farm businesses, including planning support and agribusiness solutions, click here.