Ellie Lockwood

Our third podcast series ‘Fisher German Talks’, was launched on 19 May and since the launch of the first podcast series in February 2022, there have been almost 49,000 downloads so far.

The first series covered subjects including regenerative farming, delivering net zero and the importance of good communication for National Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs). There were over 7,600 downloads for this episode alone in which Partner, Rachel Bridge, was joined by guest speaker Tim Read from Camargue.

In the second series, listeners learned about the latest planning legislations and updates, heard top tips for graduates looking at a career in surveying and found out more about rural diversification; where to start, how to fund a project and looked at different ways to diversify.

In another episode one of our graduates, Jack Dutton and Associate, Olivia Yates, joined Ruth Ofield, Head of Graduate Recruitment, to discuss their career paths and how applicants can stand out from the crowd when applying for their first job in the surveying industry. They offered some top tips on breaking into and making it in the industry and provide listeners with a clear understanding of why surveying is such an exciting career path whilst detailing what applicants might expect from a surveying career.

In the latest episode of our Fisher German Talks series, we delve into the world of property restoration and discover the opportunities that come with this work. This episode looks at the exciting world of property restoration and is the third in series 3. It follows on from discussions on online auctions and the minerals industry in the first two instalments.

The latest Government data shows that England has close to 250,000 ‘long-term empty’ homes. This is certainly an opportunity that's caught the attention of entrepreneurs and aspiring developers, who have the time and dedication, to invest in restoring and renovating such properties. The podcast is hosted by Senior Associate, Ellie Lockwood, who is joined by Lucy and Dan Nash, self-proclaimed “property obsessed” developers. Lucy and Dan spearheaded the award-winning Victoria Road restoration, a huge renovation project in which a dilapidated Victorian-era house originally valued at £415,000, has now doubled its original value. They share their story, give key insights into the renovation process and their experience in interior design and explore the opportunities that lie within property renovation, as well as some of the challenges potential developers need to be aware of before taking on such a project.

Series 3 will continue in the coming weeks with episodes focussing on investments and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) with Oliver Deme and Greg Mansen of Oaknorth Bank and further episodes will also discuss soil carbon, small and medium warehouses, and diversification.

Marketing Manager, Laura-Jane Taylor said: “The download statistics are impressive, and I hope that anyone listening has found them informative and insightful. We hope the podcasts help both internal colleagues and our diverse range of clients understand the current issues being faced by the property industry.”

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