RB British Water Reception 2
Partner and Chair of the Pipeline Industries Guild, Rachel Bridge, recently attended the Spring Reception of British Water, a major event focusing on the future of the water industry, at the House of Lords.
Rachel was joined by Kathryn Furphy, Executive Assistant at the Guild, and guests heard addresses from Lord Wei of Shoreditch, British Water’s Mark Fletcher, and Lewis Richards, CSO of Microsoft.
Rachel said: “British Water’s Spring Reception was an incredibly insightful event which focused on technology, innovation and skills.
“Lord Wei spoke about the Thames and its history of transporting goods, and the transformation which took place in the 1800s when the Victorians built the sewer networks that we still use today.
“Technology was an extremely interesting topic, and Lewis Richards discussed how people are central to the future of the water industry and that their development can be supported by the rapid deployment of technology.
“He also touched on how teaching and nurturing critical thinking will be key in unlocking the potential of the vast amount of data we now have access to.
“This data is what is needed to support AMP8 and increased collaboration across the industry will foster the innovation needed, including utilising the data and tools generated by the tech industry to succeed in achieving sustainable supply and efficient transfer of water. 
“It was fascinating to hear how intrinsically linked water and technology are as industries and how reliant they are on each other.  
“I was interested to hear how users can save 96 per cent of energy and water by turning off the camera on MS Teams, but this has to be balanced with the social benefits of having cameras on as a replacement for in-person meetings
“I was extremely pleased to attend the Spring Reception as Chair of the Guild. It was an excellent opportunity to speak to professionals from across the water industry, and the diversity of thought in the challenges and opportunities we face will deliver better outcomes for the future.”