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Background and industry experience

Liz works within COG as part of the Business Development and Communications team. She gives colleagues across the business support using her creative skills to do project branding, filming/editing of videos, photography and whatever else comes her way in need of a creative touch. She works closely with Ellie Saunders-Brant to distribute communications internally, making sure the important messages are shared, but also the fun ones too.

Liz lives in Ashby with her husband Ben, and enjoys a nice easy commute to work! She likes to walk, watch films and cook. She is also a very passionate Leicester Tigers fan, along with the rest of her family, and enjoys watching Formula 1, which is something that Ben introduced her to. They tend to go to at least one live race a year, in either Germany or Belgium, which are two of her favourite places in the world.

About me

What year did you start your job?

Why did you join Fisher German?
It was a good opportunity for me to do something different!

What has been your favourite project and why?
The Ashby office move. It was a love-hate relationship, but was enjoyable overall.

Top pastime?
Watching films that are so bad they are actually good, and wandering round the countryside!

Best holiday destination?
Belgium or Germany

Who would you like to be stranded in a lift with?
Kimi Raikkonen

What’s your favourite film of all time?
Impossible to answer. I have a top 10, but not an overall favourite