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Background and industry experience

Tim fulfils a number of roles, the foremost of which is as Deputy Managing Partner and a member of the firm's Management team. Tim has particular responsibility for the North West and Yorkshire & North Midlands Regions, and various other Partnership matters. In addition, Tim is Office Partner for the Doncaster office. Tim has a very broad spectrum of professional work, from estate management through to wealth advice to farmers and landowners, development, land promotion and advice to owner occupier and tenant farmers alike. He has been an Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (AMC) agent and valuer since 1989.

Tim has worked in rural consultancy across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire since 1979, joining Fisher German following the merger with Shuldham Calverley in 2010. Tim is very business-minded, which brings an extra dimension to the advice he gives his clients. He is a trustee for a number of client families, as well as being a director of client companies, particularly where very long term relationships have been established.

Tim lives in North Nottinghamshire with his wife and three sons, where he is active in the rural community, describing himself as a peasant farmer at the weekends.

About me

What year did you start your job?
Joined Henry Spencer & Sons Ltd in Retford in 1979

Why did you join Fisher German?
Established Shuldham Calverley in 1989 and merged with Fisher German in 2010 as a succession plan for our business because Fisher German attracts excellent young people and invests heavily in developing them into entrepreneurial and fully rounded professionals to whom clients can be passed to with confidence.

What has been your favourite project and why?
There are clients I have worked with for virtually the whole of my career which is very rewarding

Top pastime?
Hobby farming and track-day driving – slow tractors and fast cars.

Best holiday destination?
Touring France