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Background and industry experience

A Partner of the firm based at our Stafford office, George has a background in property management, compulsory purchase, telecoms, renewables and development. George oversees the Utility and Infrastructure team in Stafford, Knutsford and Chester offices as well as the Stafford residential agency team. He also acts for a number of private clients, where he focuses on property management, development and general professional advice. With a keen interest in tailoring advice to suit individual client needs, George frequently brings into play specialist colleagues from around the firm to ensure the highest possible levels of service.

George is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, a Fellow of the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers, Past President of the Staffordshire Agricultural Valuer’s Association (2017), a Member of the Pipelines Industry Guild and School Governor (2014 – 2017). He is a Committee member of RECAP, a not for profit training organisation for rural practice surveyors and a RICS Isurv Author.

Outside work, George is a keen cyclist (as long as the weather is fine!) and lives in Staffordshire with his wife and two daughters, who share a keen interest in the great outdoors and the family farm.

About me

What year did you start your job?
I started Fisher German in 2001 as a surveyor and became a partner in 2010

What has been your favourite project and why?
I don’t think I can pinpoint a particular project. For me satisfaction comes from delivering something of real value for clients, whether it is a successful sale, change of use to enhance revenue or getting a pipeline project to site on time.

Most admired, non-property brand?
BMW cars. I am a bit of a car nut and admire their focus on high quality, driver experience and simplicity over and above aesthetics and gimmicks. This is how I want FG to behave and be portrayed.

Top pastime?
Cycling. Particularly in hilly terrain. I like the challenge of getting to the top and the thrill of the descent!

Who would you like to be stranded in a lift with?
I would prefer not to be stranded in a lift!