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Background and industry experience

Adrian qualified as a rural surveyor managing traditional estates and now has over 25 years' wide-ranging experience. He has specialised in providing advice to major energy companies and private scheme developers throughout the UK in site searching, scheme design, planning, land acquisition, compensation for development, management and promotion of major infrastructure projects in the energy sector.

Adrian has particular experience in promoting energy projects, specialising in the consenting regime for nationally significant infrastructure projects created by the 2008 Planning Acts.

Family commitments permitting, Adrian still takes an active interest in anything sporting with a bat or ball, talks an excellent game of cricket and can often be found afloat or on the riverbank.

About me

What year did you start your job?
It was the decade of the New Romantic!

Why did you join Fisher German?
They needed a decent opening batsman.

What has been your favourite project and why?
Designed and commissioned a large arboretum for a hedge fund owner...the tip was memorable.

Most admired, non-property brand?
Brew Dog

Top pastime?
Any sport involving deep snow or the great outdoors.

Best holiday destination?
Hospiz Alm St Christoph, Austria.

One item to take to a desert island?
Fly rod

Who would you like to be stranded in a lift with?
Bradley Wiggins

What’s your favourite film of all time?