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The Countryside Stewardship Scheme has replaced the Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) and Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) schemes. The scheme takes a targeted approach, similar to that of the old HLS scheme, with the main focus being to improve biodiversity and water quality. There are three elements to the Countryside Stewardship Scheme; Higher-Tier, Mid-Tier and capital grants.

Many farmers will be interested in the countryside stewardship capital grants, with funding available for boundary and hedge management, woodland creation and management plans, as well as improvements to water quality for farmers in Catchment Sensitive Farming areas.

Fisher German has detailed practical experience of environmental stewardship schemes and is well placed to advise on countryside stewardship options; including the application process and the options that should be chosen in order to best ensure that environmental benefits are delivered, whilst at the same time minimising the impact on efficiency of the core farming business.

We can help you by:

  • Meeting for an initial discussion as to whether entering into a countryside stewardship scheme is the ‘right’ thing to do, vis-a-vis potential stewardship income vs land area entered into the scheme.
  • Planning the options with the landowner and, if appropriate, the gamekeeper and/or the contractor/farm manager.
  • Completion and submission of the scheme application.
  • Advice and support throughout the life of the Scheme regarding capital works forms or agreed on farm options.