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Our brand new residential sales office in Knutsford has put a six-storey water tower on the market in High Legh, Cheshire for £1.75 million. Headed up by recent appointment Roderick Waldron, the new agency team in Knutsford has got off to a flying start with instruction to sell the unusual water tower, which was previously featured on Channel 4 show, ‘Restoration Man’, presented by architect George Clarke. Current owners, Andrew and Michelle Jones, along with their twin children George and Mia, completed the ambitious restoration in 2016 and have enjoyed living there for three years.

Rod Waldron said: “This is a chance for buyers to purchase something really special. It’s incredibly rare to find a property like this on the market, so this is a wonderful opportunity for buyers who really want a unique space to live in. The work Andrew and Michelle put into this tower is amazing, and it really shows. Every room in the tower is finished to a very high standard. I anticipate a lot of interest in this one-of-a-kind home, so I’d encourage any potential buyers to get in touch as soon as possible.”

You might be asking why this dream property is back on the market after all of Andrew and Michelle’s hard work. Michelle explained: “We’ve absolutely loved living here – the location’s amazing, the grounds are beautiful and the layout of the house is completely unique. It was a real labour of love to restore – the tower was made of reinforced concrete which was a foot thick in some places. But through brute force, we got there in the end. Once it was finished, we were so impressed with it and proud of what we’d achieved. The tower’s our baby. But now George and Mia have left, we have entire floors that are empty and it just wasn’t the same anymore. We felt it was time for us to move on.”

Andrew, a keen property developer, had been desperate to buy the water tower after seeing it from the nearby golf course. “As soon as I saw that tower I knew I had to buy it,” he said.
“In 2013, we heard it was going up for auction, and I was ready to go along and bid. But on the day of the auction, I got stuck on the M6 and Michelle had to look after the kids, so we missed it. We were devastated.”

Luckily for the couple, the property went back on the market many months later and they snapped it up within 24 hours. Their project to transform the tower into a beautiful home was documented by crews from Restoration Man, who fitted their filming schedule around the couple. Michelle added: “George Clarke and the Restoration Man team were fantastic – they were so flexible and never got in our way. It was amazing to have our tower featured on TV too.”

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