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This year’s theme for World Earth Day is “Invest in our planet” which provides an opportunity to highlight environmental issues we are facing, from climate change to delivering net zero. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do; from advising our clients on the best solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and look after our land, to the things we can do within our own business to minimise our environmental impact; we are committed to contributing to creating a better world for future generations.

Working across the full property spectrum we have influence in a wide range of environmental issues including biodiversity, carbon reduction in the built environment, connecting the grid to renewable energy, renewable fuel alternatives as well as green living. We are also acutely aware of the impact our day-to-day business activities can have on the environment.

Steps we have taken to reduce our own carbon footprint include: choosing renewable tariffs for our office energy, reducing average number of miles travelled per person through car sharing initiatives and virtual meeting tools, personal printing accounts so users are aware and can manage their print output, as well as purchasing sustainably sourced paper stock and merchandise, and installing motion detection lighting and boiling water taps in new offices to reduce energy and water use.

We are proud to be championing environmentally conscious and net zero solutions for our clients, our sustainable energy consultants are experts in the latest renewable technology. From being the first in the UK to achieve planning permission for a farm-based electrolyser to generate green hydrogen, to energy storage projects which are helping to balance the grid network, our wide-ranging work spans the full scope of our property services. Our teams are advising clients on all types of renewable solutions, including energy storage, anaerobic digestion, renewable heating, wind energy and solar PV.

Through our client services, we contribute to action on affordable housing, green spaces, carbon offsetting, noise reduction, food poverty and safety issues. One of our longstanding sponsorships is with the Rural Business Awards, for their Best Rural Diversification Project award and it is a privilege each year to meet the pioneering businesses and celebrate the way they are positively impacting their local communities.

Our online brokerage service, The Green Offset, pairs those looking for areas to site natural capital schemes with parties who have land available has seen a successful start, with more than 33,000 hectares of land now available across the UK since its launch in June 2021.

The Green Offset website enables ‘Offset Seekers’ – developers, companies or individuals looking for land for environmental requirements - to search for suitable sites and can contact landowners or their agents once a match is made. Landowners, referred to as ‘Offset Providers’, can easily and freely register their land on the website, showing that they are potentially open to discussion and negotiation around siting of environmental schemes on their land. The platform has been created to help develop the market for natural capital schemes which are being driven by the Environment Act which was passed in 2021.

We work with utilities companies, local authorities, and landowners, to ensure there is a lifelong plan to protect and improve the environment and sustain the economy. We have long been a market leader in sustainable energy solutions for our clients as the UK prepares for its 2050 net zero target. We are very proud to play a role in advising clients on how to achieve their targets.

Our in-house sustainable energy team has supported a variety of clients on key energy projects in the last 12 months, including: helping secure funding for a 20MW gas peaking plant in Monmouthshire; valuations for audit purposes on a 30MW battery storage facility in Taunton; lease extensions for a number of operational wind farms; as well as a solar park to help diversify a family farm in Nottinghamshire, utilising around 200 acres of mixed livestock and low yielding arable land for a 49.99MW solar park development. When built, the solar park will provide green energy to the local grid network, with a biodiversity enhancement including a meadowed grassland and varied planting scheme in place to support wildlife.

Darren Edwards, our Head of Sustainable Energy said: “We are being approached on an almost daily basis by companies who are interested in achieving net zero within a few years, rather than waiting for the legislative deadline of 2050. This desire can be driven by a multitude of factors, but Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)) are becoming increasingly important for public facing companies as consumer awareness of climate change and environmental impact grows.

“For many businesses, being able to demonstrate to stakeholders, investors and staff that they are a net zero operation will have considerable importance. Our job is to map out the different routes for property owners and investors, enabling them to see their options when the ultimate destination has been set in stone. By drawing upon our property management expertise and knowledge of landlord and tenant law, we have a unique blend of skills and experience which can now be offered in a single package – known as our Delivering Net Zero service.”

“Whilst today might be globally recognised as World Earth Day, through our services and approach to business we have made it our job to invest in our planet every day.”

To find out more click here and to see our Delivering Net Zero brochure click here.