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Our specialist team managing non-operational property understand why organisations hold property, whether it’s ahead of mineral extraction, for water collection or management, or as a legacy from landfilling

These assets are often held by companies as part of their operational business need but are not core to the operation of the business so can become a distraction.

Matt Trewartha, part of our Rural Property Management Team said: “This is a specialist type of property management, we take away the distraction, manage and remove the risks and create opportunities for increased rental income and capital receipts whilst managing the portfolio to facilitate progress for the wider business.

“It’s our job to understand businesses and to do this we need to be fully integrated into the client’s operational teams so that we can better manage the portfolio and provide guidance on opportunities for disposals and purchases. We want to become the sounding board for people within the organisation so that by managing the non-operational property, we can maximise the external opportunities for annuity and capital income, enabling them to concentrate on the core of their business.”

Matt explained: “There are many ways we can optimise opportunities and minimise distraction including removing the liabilities of owning property, generating income from the portfolios, protecting the capital values, ensuring that the property complements the operational business and making sure that property is available when they need it.”

At Fisher German we offer a wide range of services; portfolio management includes the rent collection and payment for external services such as repairs but we also assist our clients in a wide range of property matters, including disposals and strategic acquisitions, access issues, compensation claims and planning.

We take over all property matters so that businesses can focus on what they do best; this includes taking over known issues around compliance and possessory issues. We provide reporting and updates, and it is our role to ensure that the core business is protected and that the assets provide a secondary income and are readily available for operational need or disposal.

In addition to the management of non-operational portfolios, our team is heavily involved with our clients on other property matters which includes providing planning support, renewable energy, telecoms, valuations and acquisitions and disposals.

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