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Landowners across Harborough District are being urged to take advantage of a search for new sites for housing and employment by our experts.
Harborough District Council is currently looking for sites to accommodate new homes across the area as well as land for employment as part of a review of its Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA).
The council has invited all landowners to submit sites they wish to be considered for allocation through a ‘Call for Sites’ exercise, which is open until June 4, 2021. This is an opportunity for landowners, developers, agents, and site promoters to submit sites within or partially within Harborough District which are considered to have potential for development for a wide range of land uses.
Sites must provide at least five new homes or for employment provide a minimum of 0.25ha of developable land capable of delivering 500sqm of floor space and landowners must demonstrate why their land is suitable for development and how it would be deliverable.
William Young, associate director, is urging landowners to seek advice to understand the potential of their land: “This is a fantastic chance for landowners across Harborough District to unlock the value of their land and contribute to the future of the area.
“Harborough District Council will be taking a fresh look at the area as part of the review of its SHELAA, and sites previously identified will not be brought forward and will need to be submitted again.
“For a site to be considered for potential allocation it must meet certain criteria, however any land should be seen as an opportunity and shouldn’t be dismissed by the owner. It’s important for landowners looking to capitalise on their land’s potential to seek professional advice to make the most of the opportunity.
“Land can be looked at from both planning and development perspectives, and high-level initial appraisals can be completed to assess its suitability. Often landowners do not realise the development potential of their land and what can be achieved, or indeed how to maximise its value, so it is essential that they seek advice to ensure they are in the best possible position when submitting a site.”
For more information contact William Young