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A Buckinghamshire school which has seen its fundraising activities halted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has received a £5,000 donation from Fisher German as a result of our Building Communities initiative. We launched the scheme last year to directly support schools, as well as sport and community clubs, in the areas we sell properties by donating a proportion of the commission fee from every completed sale to them.

The donation has been given to Long Crendon School following sales of properties in the school’s nearby area. The donation will be used to upgrade the school’s indoor sports facility and purchase an outdoor play feature to benefit the health and wellbeing of the children. It is the second substantial donation received by the school, which was presented with £3,200 earlier this year to help fund a new IT suite.The donation is especially important to the school under the current circumstances, after it was unable to hold its annual summer fundraiser due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Polly Quinton, headteacher at Long Crendon School, said: “We are extremely grateful to receive such a significant donation from Fisher German. The indoor netball, tennis and basketball court lines in the school hall have been there since 1967, so require a much-needed upgrade. It is quite a specialised job but will be superb for our indoor competitive sports programme over the winter months. We are also in the process of choosing an outdoor play feature suitable for children right from Years 1 to 6, and will involve the school council who will engage with the rest of the school before voting on their preferred option. A fantastic opportunity to not only teach the children about democracy, but to also give them a voice.

Funding from Fisher German has already made a huge impact on the school, and our new IT equipment is excellent and enables us to provide a higher quality of teaching. It has also enabled us to recondition our old computers and give them to families who can either not afford a computer or who have multiple children and require additional equipment. The school really values contributions and community support from companies such as Fisher German. They mean we can provide an outstanding education for the children and elevate their learning. We would like to thank Fisher German and look forward to fostering the relationship going forward.”

Matthew Davis, Senior Associate at our Thame office, who lives near Long Crendon School, said: “We are very pleased to make this contribution to the school. Through the initiative we donate a fixed percentage of our fee to schools and clubs – a sizeable chunk of money - but seeing it make such a difference to people’s lives means it is money well spent. Even in the current challenging climate, we are standing by our charitable donations as we feel they are extremely valuable.”