Net zero 2050

Following Ofgem’s proposals to cut the spending of energy networks, Fisher German’s Giles Lister says that investment is key as we transition towards the 2050 net zero emissions target.

Late summer has seen a period of change on all fronts.

The weather has transitioned from hot and humid to an unseasonably unsettled period, with two named storms which resulted in strong winds and heavy rain.

This has been followed by the storm after the announcement of proposals under RIIO-T2 and the impact that this will have on the proposed whole-system networks approach needed to deliver net zero emissions.

The weather has assisted the transfer of connections to new low-carbon energy sources, which is critical in the race to tackle climate change.

A key component of this is delivering and enabling a sustainable electricity network through the energy motorways.

We are collaborating with our clients to ensure they are able to provide long-term solutions, with the investment in and upgrading of infrastructure and facilitating the required connections whilst maintaining reliability which is a key enabler of economic growth and recovery.

Building forward through the coronavirus recovery has seen a clear focus, with significant investment from clients across all sectors as we transition into the low carbon net zero economy which is key to ensuring there is resilience in their respective networks.