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A Fisher German apprentice surveyor has been recognised for delivering exceptional service to a national client while working to a tight deadline. Clemmie Proud, from our Utilities and Infrastructure team, has received feedback praising her work on a project involving one of our major, utilities clients. The project involved painting 117 electricity towers between Grendon, in Northamptonshire and Sundon, in Bedfordshire. Clemmie’s role was to negotiate with a total of 58 landowners with towers on their land and arrange access before work was due to begin.

She successfully liaised with landowners and provided the painting contractors with detailed notes outlining the route of the planned work, notes on access and further essential information. The project has now been completed, and Clemmie has received feedback from the client in recognition of her work.

The feedback from the client said: “Access notes are essential for us to be able to perform our works both safely and efficiently. I had the first communication from Clemmie within days of our award and she managed to very swiftly get together the first batch of notes and the rest followed quickly after. The site manager called me upon receipt of the first batch of wayleaves notes and said that they were superb. All contact details correct, plans and notes immaculate and easy to follow.”

The feedback added that Clemmie was extremely helpful throughout and that her work on the project deserved praise. Clemmie said: “The contractors had to work around the outages that had already been planned, so it was essential that they had access at specific times. I began by telephoning all of the landowners and arranged to meet those with concerns or issues face to face. I also visited those who I was unable to get hold of on the phone. I then put together a detailed set of notes, ensuring that the contractors had all of the information required to successfully complete the work. It was a challenging project due to the tight deadline, however I was able to successfully work with the landowners and contractors to ensure that project timescales were met for the client. All of those involved in the project were very good to work with, and it is nice to receive such positive feedback in recognition of my work.”

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