Building Communities

A Buckinghamshire school is the first in the UK to benefit from Fisher German’s new scheme which earns schools money every time it sells a house. Long Crendon School has received more than £3,200 through our ‘Building Communities’ initiative in just a few months after we donated a proportion of the commission fee from every completed sale directly to the school. We hope the initiative will make a difference to other schools, as well as sport and community clubs, across the UK in areas where we sell properties.

Matthew Davis, Senior Associate in our Thame office, lives near Long Crendon School and was instrumental in getting the scheme off the ground.

At a recent PTA meeting, it became clear that although the school ran a number of fundraising activities to help bolster its finances, the amounts raised were usually quite small and it needed a steadier stream of income.

As a result of this, Matthew put forward the idea of the Fisher German Building Communities scheme.

Matthew said: “Long Crendon School has been delighted with the £3,200 we have raised for them so far – and there’s potential to raise up to £11,000 if we sell the properties on the market this year.

“It’s a simple scheme with little administrative burden for the school in return for great benefits, and it’s very straightforward for Fisher German too – we simply make a donation directly to the school following each sale.

“It’s so important for us to give something back to the communities we serve, and the Building Communities initiative is a perfect way of doing that.”

Alasdair Dunne, Head of Residential at Fisher German, added: “This is a fantastic way of giving back to the communities we work in and make a tangible difference to local schools and clubs.

“Schools have been facing spending cuts and often struggle to find donations for key investment projects and activities.

“Often, small groups of villages will feed into one local school, and it’s not uncommon for families to purchase homes in order for their children to attend a particular school, so it makes sense for us give back to them when we have a presence in the area.

“Sports clubs and other similar organisations can play a key role in community life too – so we are only too happy to partner with them as well.

“We hope to use Building Communities as much as we can across the country to give schools and clubs a much-needed boost.”