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We just wanted to send you (Simon Warner) a short email to thank you for your hard work, particularly in the last few weeks ... You have gone above and beyond your fee to make this site happen which I am internally grateful for. The extra mile you went on this was a credit to you but something I know you would do. Once again excellent job.

Fisher German have also provided a comprehensive management service of the portfolio for over four years and are a key member of the strategic team in terms of maximising income, optimising opportunities and providing flexibility for the benefit of our national mineral reserves department.

As managing agents for the CLH-PS network, Fisher German provide us with land agency services covering service data enquiries, DEFRA searches, Notice of entry/completion to landlowners, coordinate site surveys with landowners and produce reports, record of condition and compensation settlement. They are also flexible to coordinate specialist consultants such as ecologists, building surveys, structural engineers where required. Our pipelines cover a large area of the UK and I have dealt with different offices. I am very happy with the service provided, the organisation, planning, flexibility and personable approach by the whole team makes our task all the simpler by allowing us to focus on the risk elements and keep our product contained.

You are brilliant!
You’re always on time (or early), I hardly ever have to ask, and the info is always spot on and accurate.
Wish all my other suppliers were half as good!