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Project summary

  • We gained instruction through Fisher German’s position on the Crown Commercial Service Framework.
  • There were commercial time pressures from the client’s perspective, therefore seeking unconditional offers.
  • Unable to carry out ‘ad hoc’ viewings due to the confidentiality of police work and sensitive material within the properties, as the properties were still occupied.


  • The Fisher German South Central commercial team organised open days at each property which generated excellent amounts of interest.
  • The method of sale chosen was Informal Tender in accordance with the client’s time pressures, and to encourage competition through the ‘Best and Final’ offers process.
  • Fisher German have found purchasers for all of the properties launched to the market thus far.
  • The client’s strategic objectives have been met – the assets have been disposed of at good price levels within desired time frames.


  • The sales figures achieved are significantly above the Red Book valuation figures and client expectations.
  • Our team has developed a good working relationship with the client.
  • This project has generated interest from other police authorities.
  • Further future opportunities with this client in the next two years.