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Mobilisation on taking on a new rural estate

Project summary

  • Tendering and winning the management of a traditional rural estate outside of Tewkesbury
  • Understanding what is to be managed and how best to quickly but efficiently gather information
  • Identify key areas where improvements could be made early on
  • Have a clear understanding of what the client’s needs and aspirations are to steer the management towards these targets from the outset
  • Take over the management of the estate’s maintenance team


  • Negotiate and obtain all management documentation from the previous consultants in both hardcopy and electronically
  • Cross reference data from our property management database with current tenancy information
  • Digitally map the estate to provide clarity on ownership and management
  • Inspect all properties and farms and meet tenants to understand immediate and long term tasks.
  • Regularly meet with the estate maintenance team to understand their working methods and review where efficiencies could be made
  • Review annual property maintenance to include boiler servicing and inspecting
  • Evaluate current rent roll and review potential uplifts that could be made following the property inspections


  • A comprehensive understanding of the estate that is being managed with the aid of a new mapping system
  • Build relationships with a new client yet also challenge existing ideas and goals
  • Identification of non-registered land and incorrect rental demands