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Property and Valuation support to DCO

Project summary

  • National Grid required support to develop a DCO application for the construction of a 150km onshore/offshore CO2 pipeline to capture CO2 at source and transmit offshore to be injected into depleted bedrock of North Sea Oil fields.
  • Negotiating wide ranging access for Environmental and other land surveys.
  • Budgets and Valuations to support CPO.
  • Valuations of specialist land ownership.
  • Support in drafting lands elements of DCO.
  • Support in Offshore elements.
  • Expert evidence at DCO examination.


  • Experienced and Dedicated delivery team.
  • Enabled strong relationships with affected stakeholders.
  • Implementation of GIS and Web based delivery systems for bulk data capture and management.
  • Automated delivery of DCO Book of reference.
  • Negotiated Global agreements with stakeholder groups to reduce risk of scheme objectors.


  • Enabled the DCO to be progressed through application and examination ensuring no objections.
  • Negotiated Options for sites in with the programme and budget.
  • Negotiated early lands agreements to reduce risk for the client.
  • Enabled access for survey works as required.
  • Delivery on Programme and budget.
  • Dedicated team ensured consistency of delivery for client.