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Letting property on behalf of Rotherham College to Co Op Funeral Care and sale of the property

Project summary

  • Initial instruction was to identify a new tenant for this vacant retail building on behalf of Rotherham College, subsequent to finding the tenant, then asked to market the property For Sale as an investment.


  • A wide and diverse marketing campaign including targeted and wide spread mailing.
  • Once the tenant was secured, identifying an opportunity to sell the property at inflated.
  • values given the strength of the tenant’s covenant.
  • Entered into a competitive bidding process in order to obtain the best price for our client.


  • Initially secured a tenant with a strong covenant strength on a long lease saw the property achieving a sub of 7.0% yield.
  • Once the price was achieved this increased the value of the property by some 80% in comparison to when it was vacant, and prior to Fisher German’s involvement.