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Marston Montgomery, Derbyshire Dales

Project summary

  • To secure planning permission for the redevelopment of Marston House Farm to accommodate 7 new build dwellings.


  • Planning application submitted for the construction of 7 dwellings following pre-application discussions with Derbyshire Dales District Council. Prior to this a consultation event was held locally to obtain views from local residents to help tailor the development.
  • Planning application was accompanied by a range of supporting documents to ensure that the proposal was acceptable in relation to impacts upon flooding and drainage, ecology, the local highway network, presence of contamination and heritage assets.
  • Scott O’Dell steered the application to overcome issues in relation to impacts upon heritage assets as two farm buildings were considered non-designated heritage assets.
  • The development adopted a traditional agricultural character to reflect the historic use of the site forming a collection of agricultural buildings split into two courtyards, each visually related to the adjacent farmhouse.
  • The application was considered by Members of the Planning Committee and granted permission in September 2018. The development did not require any S106 contributions which included affordable housing.


  • The Planning Committee recognised that the proposal would give purpose to an unkept site which detracted from the character and appearance of the village. The proposal also involved the delivery of a number of much needed bungalows and 3-bedroom family homes which met local needs expressed at the public consultation event.