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Residential development of up to 24 dwellings Sector: Development

Project summary

  • Managing the promotion of the Land at Shuttington within the emerging North Warwickshire Local Plan for a residential scheme under our client’s ownership.
  • To coordinate outline planning application for the site on behalf of the client, including the submission of pre-application advice.


  • Submission of evidence base documents to the authority for the emerging Plan to support the site’s allocation in the emerging Local Plan.
  • Representations made at the Local Plan consultation in liaison with the client.
  • Attendance at the Local Plan examination in public.
  • Project management during the promotion and application phases of the project, liaising with a variety of specialist consultants.
  • Regular meetings with the client to provide updates and to ensure the site is in accordance with their ambitions for the site.
  • Involvement within the community to ensure that local residents have a forum to give feedback on the initial plans.


  • Securing the site allocation within the draft Local Plan has secured greater certainty over the development potential of the site for the landowner.