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Working to secure a strategic allocation in the emerging Local Plan.

Project summary

  • To co-ordinate the ongoing promotion of Clive Barracks for a residential led mixed-use development. Enabling the site to be developed once it is surplus to MOD requirements.
  • To manage the preparation of a suite of supporting evidence base documents to support the site’s allocation in the emerging Shropshire Local Plan.
  • To liaise with a variety of key stakeholders at the Council and with a local Task Force who are concerned about the future of the site.
  • To prepare and submit representations to relevant development plan consultations.


  • Day to day project management of a variety of specialist consultants whose input is supporting the ongoing promotion of the site.
  • Regular meetings with Council Officers and Task Force.
  • Monitoring of planning policy and preparation of robust representations in support of the site. This has also included Neighbourhood Plan representations.


  • Provision of evidence to demonstrate the deliverability of the re-development of the site to the Council.
  • Continued support for the re-development of the site from the Council and key stakeholders.