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Disposal for the sale of land in Tutshill benefitting from Outline Planning Permission for 95 homes.

Project summary

  • To interview a shortlist of bidders and seek to improve their offers.
  • To advise the landowners and land promoter on the selection of a preferred bidder.
  • To negotiate Heads of Terms for the sale and purchase agreement.
  • To assist in legal progression through to completion of the sale.


  • A targeted marketing campaign focussed on parties actively seeking such opportunities, informed by our extensive market knowledge.
  • Shortlist interviews to include an agenda that covers issues affecting land values, with a view to encouraging parties to increase their offer and remove any conditions of purchase.
  • To use our extensive experience to negotiate detailed Heads of Terms that allow for a simple legal process.
  • Keep the clients informed of progress throughout the instruction so that expectations of timings are managed.


  • Tender process resulted in 9 offers from credible purchasers.
  • Interview process resulted in increased offers from 3 parties and reduced conditionality.
  • Sale secured to a reputable plc housebuilder on very competitive terms.