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Land east of Handforth, Cheshire

Project summary

  • Advising the landowners owning part of the proposed Garden Village at Handforth, Cheshire, one of 14 new Garden Villages proposed by the Government in 2017
  • The proposal includes delivery of 1,500 new dwellings with 30 acres of employment land alongside a new village centre with shops, restaurants etc with community facilities including a primary school, sports facilities and village on approximately 280 acre site east of Handforth.
  • The site is owned by multiple landowners providing issues for consideration.


  • Advised on the planning potential including risks, challenges and strategy
  • Advised on the promotion strategy including marketing as a strategic development opportunity to land promoters and housebuilders to enter into a strategic development agreement
  • Advising on landowner collaboration to enable delivery of the scheme in an efficient manner
  • Advising on landlord and tenant matters to allow delivery of the proposal


  • Negotiated an Option Agreement with a regional housebuilder on attractive terms for our clients which seek to protect against risk and is designed to allow the financial return to be maximised.
  • Regular meetings with the project team to identify and overcome project issues
  • Future advice on disposal including price negotiation