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Installation of a 6kw Archimedes hydroelectric screw on a Mill stream on the river Dove, Derbyshire

Project summary

  • The client has a number of renewable projects and was interested in being more self-sufficient, developing income sources within the estates. The client is seeking to develop a small-scale hydro scheme to produce electricity that supplies five residential properties, workshops and estate office.
  • Undertake feasibility study to establish if a hydroelectric scheme was feasible on the mill stream on the river Dove at Mapleton, Ashbourne
  • Subject to the feasibility study, provide a conception to completion project, on budget and on time for the client


  • We gained planning permission for the scheme taking into consideration the listed building, environment constraints and trees adjacent to the site
  • Abstraction license was obtained for the scheme from the Environment Agency
  • Using a hydro power consultant a number of contractors tendered for the civil engineering works
  • Managed the build on site and keep the client updated at all times
  • Scheme connected to the grid, installation of the Archimedes screw, gearbox and generator
  • Final project sign off and submission for application for Feed In Tariff


  • 90% reduction in electricity purchased on site
  • Producing clean renewable energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Project was delivered on budget
  • 20-year Feed in Tariff payments locked in for the client with inflationary increases every year
  • Scheme ahead of budged production and income forecasts