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Converting an agricultural building in Oxfordshire

Project summary

  • A planning application was progressed for the conversion of an agricultural building into a Children’s Nursery by the Fisher German Planning Team
  • Owing to commercial time pressures, the client consent was timely to ensure the Nursery could be opened swiftly to meet term date


  • The Planning Team developed a good working relationship with the Planning Officer, communicating on a regular basis to ensure that any matters raised were dealt with immediately. Planning permission was secured within the deadlines


  • The deadline of the client was met to ensure the nursery opened in time to ensure that local needs were met
  • The drawings for the scheme were drawn inhouse by Fisher German Design team
  • The one team approach meant that the application could be submitted swiftly
  • A thorough planning statement was submitted with the application, which considered the key elements of the scheme to ensure that the Local Authority planner had all the information required to reach a positive decision