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Cadley Park, Swadlincote

Project summary

  • Initial consultancy services advising on development potential in conjunction with planning consultants
  • Advice given in respect of phasing and infrastructure
  • Disposal of phase one of three parcels of residential development land for 135 units. Ongoing instructions to dispose of two further parcels of 400 and 65 units respectively


  • Marketed the relevant phase to housebuilders
  • Held technical meetings to allow interested parties to further understand the site-specific constraints
  • Provided summary and analysis of offers received
  • Interviewed a shortlist to scrutinise offers
  • Selected Taylor Wimpey as the preferred purchaser and progressed the deal through to legal completion


  • Provision of agency advice in respect of a brownfield site which poses a number of technical risks and constraints, resulting in a positive financial result for the client